Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quick Announcement!


Okay so by now you guys are probably used to use me having impromptu hiatus, and yes this one is no different. School started, and since I'm a senior grade high school student now (!!) LIFE IS DIFFICULT. (Also, to my fellow Americans, I'm a junior I think by your school system... not exactly a senior haha)

So why am I semi-back? I have a longer extended weekend this week, and I plan to use it to FINALLY WRITE MY REVIEW FOR THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS.

I know, I'm so late. SORRY. But better late than never right? Also, just warning you, it's going to be a LONG REVIEW. I'm debating if I want to split the series review away from the last book and do a review on the last book alone since there's so much to talk about! But we'll see how the series review goes first.

There will be a November post, so breathe. I will try to squeeze in another review, and trust me I haven been meaning to do a review of a couple things but honestly the amount of time I have is virtually nonexistent sometimes.

I WILL SEE YOU SOON. (Or talk to you via writing technically...)
Love y'all <3


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