About Me

So I guess I have to do one of these things.

So who am I?

I am a high school student currently residing in the beautiful cold northern Canada, the home to poutine and ketchup chips. My interests span from books, math, books, chemistry, books, Paris, being weird, books, tumblr, and foood.
And books of course.
I can be extremely overly emotional, too fangirl-y, and scream in high pitches. I am also an extreme klutz. I have managed to trip over a flat surface once with nothing but my own feet. I crash into my bedroom doorknob constantly.

My goal is to make it through high school with my sanity intact, get a PhD in something and travel the world! :D But for now I will journey through my fictional worlds.

I hope I didn't creep you guys out with my weirdness with that


  1. Carmen, love the lightness of your blog ... Here's to your travelling the world.... And thank you for reading Ruby's story. :)


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