Review Policy

All reviews are based off of my own opinions and thoughts- I am not paid to do reviews and I will never compromise my integrity for the sake of receiving something. Please don't plagiarize my reviews and make any kind of rude comments on it. It is my opinion. Inconsiderate comments will be deleted.

I give both positive and negative reviews. While it does make me sad to give negative views to a novel or drama, I can't fall in love with everything. There is bound to be hits and misses. It's life. DNFs will not be reviewed as I have no wish of pointing out why that certain book did not work for me.

My reviews try to target both aspects of reviewing: the professional breaking down book analysis part and the fangirling part. I give my thoughts and feelings yet I also try to break down certain aspects of a book- what I think made the book enjoyable/not enjoyable. I also do my best to keep things spoiler- free, and if I do give away any, I do give warning beforehand.

My rating system is simple-  it's out of 5 stars, and I do use decimals, usually halves and quarters, and it is based on a combination of how much I enjoyed it and how good I think it is. (As I am a firm believer those are two different things.)  I like to give a line that sums up how I feel overall about the novel right after the rating.

Reviews will be posted on Goodreads also. Please let me know if you want me to post them on Amazon or anywhere else.

I review mainly books, animes, and kdramas. Or basically my obsessions.

I do accept novels in exchange for an honest review. I accept hardcovers, paperbacks, ARCs, and ebooks (preferably PDF).

I review all YA genres except for 
  • horror
  • non-fiction
I do also accept Middle Grade Fantasy occasionally. At this moment, I will not be reviewing Adult Literature. 

Ultimately, the right to whether or not I will review a novel belongs to me. I do my best to review whatever is sent to me, and try to get them out on time. 

Please contact me at for more information if you like to have your novel reviewed.

P.S. For reviews, Carmen apologizes in advance for her bad grammar and inability to edit properly. Sorry. She tends to miss a couple typos here and there.


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