Monday, February 9, 2015

Tests, Conferences, Colds, and Crappy Sleeping Hours

It's surprising how behind you can be from missing a day and half of school after one fever.
It's surprising how many tests teachers can give.

So the February post....

Yeahhhhh so story time.

I had a MUN conference on the last couple days of the MUN conference, but I should've been back home in time to put up the post. But then...
the conference was EXTREMELY EXHAUSTING.
(Granted my roommate didn't help since we had to share beds and she hogged the bed and blankets)
and I caught a cold. (All my friends caught a cold I kid you not we were that tired)

So I came home and sleep 13 hours, cussed a little, decided I would write my post a day or two later since I had two tests coming up, and dragged my weary self to school.

Then the fever struck.

I haven't had a fever for the last three years.

so as I laid moaning in my bed roasting at 38 degrees Celsius (that's over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the Americans) the last thing I was going to do was write a post.

I also didn't read any significant amount of books that month, and the only thing I was really excited for in February was The Ruby Circle so I decided EHHH SCREW IT.

My commitment guys. I apologize.

There will be a post tomorrow- and I'm really excited for this one guys! It's a cover reveal, my very first one!
And it's super pretty.

I will try to get a March one up for next month, but I might miss March because I'm on a trip at the end of February and beginning of March.

okaaay bai.


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