Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Introduction

Hello Internet, I've finally decided to join the the community of bloggers! *cue really lame applause

The truth is, I've tried this in the past and basically failed at it. BUT. I'm determined to try again! This time with changes and a little less commitment- I made blogging into something like a homework assignment to me, and that wasn't fun. This blog is going to be my hobby... So seriously just don't expect regular posts LOL. The perks of being a high school student: never knowing when you have free time and when you have a 5 pages assignment due. YAY.

Oh and I suck at using computers. Glad we got that out of the way.

But anyways on to the introduction part: my name is Carmen, I am a high school student in Canada (yes the land of polar bears and maple syrup, but no, I don't live in an igloo). I am amongst the many teenagers that have fangirling problems, and share their problem of fictional character obsession and having nerdy obsessions. *cheers from the crowd

So this blog is going to be a place where I can review the things I want to talk about, ramble about my obsessions, and basically for you to laugh at me not having a life. It's a very simple process.

Things I will quite possibly talk about:
(oh yeah also I'm a nerd: I use roman numerals to number stuff.)

i) Books (my LIFE)
ii) Korean Dramas. Or any Asian dramas. Due to my Asian heritage... I'm kinda grew up with these. My mother is just as big as a fan, and watching some of these dramas has also been some of my favourite memories that I share with my mom. :) I'm not a big TV show watcher.. Sorry to the Sherlock and Doctor Who fans!
iii) Animes. Much thanks to my dear friend who got me hooked on this. Now we can squeal over drawings together.
iv) Web series- because who doesn't have a YouTube obsession.
v) Other... stuff. Randomly. Movies?

Main focus will probably be on books because that is my main obsession. :D

Also other random obsessions: Paris, somewhat writing and going on walks with my dog.

As I am not the most active blogger on this planet, there are other ways to find me. I am always extreme active on my Goodreads account (which all you bookworm junkies out there know what I'm talking about) and if you are on Goodreads, shoot me a friend request (I accept all who have at least 30% or so in common with me) or follow me for updates- I always like to post status updates and thoughts about books. I also do reviews on Goodreads, so you can check that out. :) Link somewhere... on the side. :)

So now... I guess I'll go have some dinner. Ok bye.


  1. Hey Carmen,

    It's so awesome that you started a blog!! I'll have to keep looking for updates!!

    Natalie(t) :D


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