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Blast to the Past: Crewel by Gennifer Albin

Welcome to Blast to the Past: a book I've read and reviewed on Goodreads in the past, and decided to post here for you to laugh at my hysterical reactions and fail writing skills. *Review is slightly different because I have the spoiler option on my Goodreads and I can't get it to work here... so no spoiler freak outs. Sorry. Anything in slashed text is a spoiler. 

Crewel (Crewel World, #1)
Book: Crewel (Book 1 in the Crewel World series)
Author: Gennifer Albin
Rating: 4/5 stars- unique and original but destroyed by romance.

Synopsis: (From Goodreads)
Enter a tangled world of secrets and intrigue where a girl is in charge of other’s destinies, but not her own.

Sixteen-year-old Adelice Lewys has always been special. When her parents discover her gift—the ability to weave the very fabric of reality—they train her to hide it. For good reason, they don’t want her to become a Spinster — one of the elite, beautiful, and deadly women who determine what people eat, where they live, how many children they have, and even when they die.

Thrust into the opulent Western Coventry, Adelice will be tried, tested and tempted as she navigates the deadly politics at play behind its walls. Now caught in a web of lies and forbidden romance, she must unravel the sinister truth behind her own unspeakable power. Her world is hanging by a thread, and Adelice, alone, can decide to save it — or destroy it.

Mixed Feelings.

This book has a great, unique premise. People being able to weave time and matter? PUH-LEASE. When do you hear that premise in a book often? Pretty much never, since this is the only book I've coming across selling this premise. Plus, I heard so many great things about the book... I think it bumped my expectations... A little too high, because Crewel wasn't totally what I was expecting, and just missed the mark a little, because I think the hype that came from it brought the bar up way too high for me, and it missed that bar.

Let's start with writing and world building. HOLY SMOKES THIS AUTHOR CAN WRITE. The world built in Crewel feels very real, which is amusing because it's not real. I'm never confused about setting, and the world was unique and very... soild. No large chunks missing or anything. The writing is simple and effective, which is great, because when authors attempt to make it complicated, I feel like either they mess up, or they confuse me. This book will delivered solidly and effectively, which made it powerful and emphasized the story.

The plot. Personally, it lacked a wee bit of action for me, because I do love my dystopian with action. But fair enough, the plot was engaging enough, and I was never bored either, so I think it made for a good base for books further in the series. So is eliminates the chance of a second books curse somewhat, because I find that only happens when a first book comes on pretty strong. Since that's the case, I fully expect the second book to be a powerhouse of awesome in terms of plot. I felt the middle was somewhat slow, but my biggest problem was the ending. [ What. Like... Cool, so you uh leap out of Arras and into the Earth. Cool. So you just leave the big old fat mess happening up there and just bring along two guys for the ride. Yeah, so uh now I'm really expecting by at least like the third book you go back up there and fix Arras. I mean, the plot suggests you HAVE to. It feels like all those discoveries you made about Arras just kind of got pitched out the window, like : "Shoot, Arras is being run by idiots. Let's get everyone we love and ditch." I mean, OK..? Sure, but. I don't know, the logic in that plot is bothering me. But you know, first book and all, I can deal with it, I just hope it gets resolved. (hide spoiler)]

The thing that knocked off the star this book. The romance. And Adelice herself somewhat.

OK, let me just be clear: All three romance interests pissed me off. I kid you not, PISSED OFF. I could say one or two was OK... But they way the character was presented did NOT click with me.

Cormac: Uh. No explanation for this guy, you can tell he's downright creepy! Not to mention practically the villian in this story depending on the angle you look at.

Erik: His character just didn't click with me. I was convinced for ... The whole book minus 5 pages that he was a traitor. I can see how Gennifer tried to present him as charming, but it just didn't work. He just seemed too self assured and feels like he has that "I'm really actually very vulnerable underneath" WAY, WAY WAY TOO EMPHASIZED. I feel like his character was.. Trying too hard. Not good.

Jost: First, the name. But that's not a big deal with me. My concern: The fact that he's so cliche as a love interest- the sweet, "NO, I will never let you handle anything alone and I will protect you." vibe, and like angst clicheness when he's pissed off at her. DEAR GOD, NOTHING REFRESHING.

UGGGH. If the romance had not been such and integral part of the book, it would've been bearable, 4.5 stars, but it. Killed me.

Then Adelice. She's not weak, but the vibe I'm getting off her is not something I'm "feeling" right now. True, she does put up a fight, but she also seems to be kind of... Slow? She's not smart enough to be aware of her situations, and the dangers she's in, and she takes risks without think- too bold. Naive. Her character felt somewhat bold to me. She's just not a heroine I'm extremely connecting with right now. Not hating, but acceptable.

Crewel could've potentially been an amazing book, and it's not a bad book, but ultimately, I think the romance completely wiped out the book and I really really hope that the second book will do my original hopes of the amazingness of Crewel justice, because the premise/world of this book is so unique- I'm not ready to give up on it yet. I pray, pray that the second book will deliver. I do, however, encourage dystopian fans to take a whack at it. This book is an beautifully written, creative and unique book despite the romance, and it makes for a beautiful read.

P.S. I so do love the cover though. So gorgeous!


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