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Book Review: Symbol of Hope by Marisette Burgess

Name: Symbol of Hope (Book #3 in the Symbol of Hope trilogy)
Author: Marisette Burgess
Rating: 4.25/5 stars- the joy of god killing
Series Rating: 4/5 stars- original and fresh
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Book #2's review

Synopsis (as found on Goodreads):

“I love you too much, Kasey. I know I will end up paying for it.” ~Dion

Heaven, Hell, and Earth are threatened. God has asked the only living granddaughter of Pandora to help fight off the Greek deities and save his Earth. Here’s the thing, she never believed in a God and now that she knows one exists she hates him. 

Even though Kasey Reese would love to ignore her duty she is unable to escape her fate. Personal conflicts, betrayal, and love are the elements that make this situation dire for Kasey. She is about to embark on a journey with her love, an immortal saint, that guarantees no happy outcomes.

In this final book, Kasey and Dion will face mythical creatures, Greek deities, and treachery, but nothing will be as devastating as her possible end. She must reach inside herself and find qualities like courage, strength, and hope. It is her time to fulfill her destiny no matter the cost.

 * I received a e-format of this novel from the author in exchange for an HONEST review. This review is spoiler free for Symbol of Hope, but may contains spoilers for the previous novels.

WOW. So here we are. The final book in the trilogy. It didn't feel all that long ago when I first read Men of the Cave. Which, of course, I have to thank the author, Marisette for giving me a chance to review the novel and actually, reviewing the whole series.

The thing about this series I've always really enjoyed is how seamlessly the author has blended Greek Mythology and Christianity. It flows nicely and it's unique and original. It gives the series a fresh taste, reading something that's not rehashed, and is new and unknown. It also allows for debate- which side is truly the good side? The bad side? Is there even a good or bad side? The characters clearly struggle with that in the novel, and I like how that was portrayed. It gave it a bit more depth to the theme of the novel.

The plot is much more fast paced in this book than the previous others- there's a ton of action and fighting and god killing and death and sacrifices. (I think that was a lot of ands. Oops.) I enjoyed the faster moving plot,  and the new character introductions.

Romance wise, it was a little cheesy, even a little more than the other two novels. Not to say that I couldn't stand Kasey and Dion as a couple, I still enjoyed how committed and stubborn they are, just that it was just a little cheesy. Just some smiling eye rolling silly cheesy.

The ending wrapped everything up really well- almost too well. I was kind of hoping something more crazy will pop up at the end, because I felt like Kasey kind of just got it over with and it was just done. The stakes didn't rise a lot, but there were certain losses and betrayals that came along the way. I don't know, maybe it's just me being really mean to characters.

However, at the end of the day, Symbol of Hope is a great finish to the series- probably my favourite of the three. Thanks to Marisette, and I hope that this series gets some more recognition, because it really is a good series.


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