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Best of 2013: The End (Day 1 of Blog-A-Thon)

(I fail at being creative so we're just going to call this Blog-A-Thon. Sigh.)

We're saying goodbye to 2013. I also said goodbye to a lot of series this year. Good and bad. So let's reflect back on them a little!

*These are books where the last book in the series I read came out in 2013. I generally don't miss last books, but if I did, SORRY, I'll probably review you when I'm done the entire series. :)

Maximum Ride

The first series I said goodbye to this year was Maximum Ride- my friend was the one who had me hooked on the series and I blew through the series like a crazy maniac. I started reading around when Angel came out so I didn't have to wait too long for Nevermore. The series was serious roller coaster- good and bad both, bad mostly and I was pretty sad that such a great premise was ruined. 

I was pretty pissed at the end, the last book was beyond horrible. You can click here for my rant. (Warning: spoilers are in the rant. I was pretty upset.)

Seven Realms

A great fantasy series, Cinda Williams Chima has proven to be an excellent author in magical fantasy. Although The Demon King is a slow start to the series, the rest proves that this series deserves it's attention in the fantasy genre. I enjoyed the final end in The Crimson Crown this year and I'm sad to see this series go- so rarely do such great fantasy series come and I'll definitely miss this one. Will check out Cinda's previous fantasy series. 

The Infernal Devices

Oh Will. Oh Jem. Oh Tessa. How many tears I have shed over this series, how many laughs, how much joy and pain and fangirling have I had over this series. I'm so sad to see this series go, it's most definitely one of my favourites and I love all the characters (Will is my future husband thank you) and Clockwork Princess was a supremely beautiful end to the series and I just can't stop fangirling over it even though it's over.


Angelfire was one of those impulse borrows from the library that set me off on this whole new journey. I fell in love with Angelfire, cried with Wings of the Wicked and cheered for the badass-ness (yes I make up words) in Shadows in the Silence. It was a fun paranormal ride, with fun romance, totally kick-ass moments with an equally kick-ass protagonist and just all around awesomeness. They are super thick books though. 


Delirium. You little rebel child. Delirium is somewhat of a heartbreaking series to me because of it's immense wasted potential. Delirium was a bit cheesy but the idea, the premise was interesting enough to me that I picked up Pandemonium. Pandemonium was absolute amaze sauce and I was so so so so so excited for Requiem cause the Pandemonium cliffhanger was KILLER. Then Requiem came out and I wanted to toss the book to the other end of the room and return the damn novel for my money back.

The ending was an absolute disappointer and if it's supposed to encourage me to see it in an open ended way it most certainly failed with me, because I like my dystopians and excited, fast, and CLEAN.I had like a two day rage over this thing. I found out the ending was written this way because Lauren Oliver wanted the ending to be open ended because it was to be a TV show, but guess what? Fox didn't even pick up the TV show. It makes me lose so much respect to Lauren Oliver as an author because no matter if it's a movie or not, you shouldn't change your story to accommodate it, you should give the ending your readers deserve. (I mean if that was the case, we wouldn't have the ending Allegiant had. -.-)

And the ending wasn't the only thing that made me mad.
You can read my rant here. (Warning: spoilers and Carmen ends up swearing more than she ever has in a review.)


Unearthly is a very beautifully written paranormal- of most paranormals, it had more of a contemporary feel to it. I enjoyed Cynthia's take on the angelic lore and it was a really fun series. Though it lagged a little in the middle, there's something really beautiful about the way these books are written and the way they're executed. I'm not crazy about  the characters, the plotline and how everything turned out, but overall as a series, Unearthly is enjoyable and a great paranormal to pick up. Not to mention the covers are die hard GORGEOUS. I can see the silver wording sparkling in the light from my bookshelf.

Die For Me

Die For Me was one of my first reads when I first got addicted to the YA genre. I enjoyed it enough to keep going with it and boy was it a ride. The series gets better and better as it progresses and Amy Plum doesn't fail to disappoint. Finishing If I Should Die this year feels like closing a chapter to another paranormal series of my life, because I read Die For Me just before entering high school. The covers have this almost elegant gothic feel to them and they're just really pretty. Plus the series is set in Paris and I'm very very very obsessed with Paris.


This series is kind of a small guilty pleasure in a sense. I love Greek mythology and this series was a great bind between the mythology and the Trojan War. I love the premise and the how everything interweaves together. The reason I say this is kind of a guilty pleasure is that the romance is kind of "teenage angst-y" and cheesy and love triangle-ly lame. But otherwise, it's a fabulous series for Greek mythology.

Gallagher Girls

The inner spy of my childhood. I've been following this series since book 3, and now it seems impossible that it's finally come to an end. Every other year or so I'd expect a new one to come out and I'll be flipping out all over the place and being all excited for Zach because we all need a little Blackthorne Boy in our life. Still in disbelief that this is over. I also met Ally Carter this year and she was just awesome. There is so much fun in these books, with the espionage, the humour, the romance and the plot twists. I'm going to miss this series so much. 


Review can be found here.

I have nothing more to say. I can't believe it's over as well.


Review can be found here.

A great dystopian series- I'm going to miss this so so so so so much. Definite favourite.


And that's it! I can't believe that all these journeys are over now. But finishing one journey means the start of a new one. :) 2014 will bring more new stories and characters and many more things to fangirl about.


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