Monday, July 28, 2014

Update + Announcement!


OMG I actually went there.
(Why didn't I delete it. Ehhhh I don't edit. No ok seriously. I want you guys to read my posts as if I'm actually talking to you guys and I can't exactly take back spoken words can I. Whatever. I shall embrace my weirdness! :D)

OK so heh guess who slack off.
But I have a legitimate excuse. I got my wisdom teeth out and it's all I've been able to do to actually like breathe and eat.

 photo anigif_enhanced-2454-1404245290-9_zpscc20caf9.gif

So I know it's been ages and there's been like a billion things I promised to review and I didn't... but I will. Like actually.

First thing first: I will have my August list up. This will be the final post before that.

Deux: My review for The Syrena Legacy and Mythos Academy will be up after that within a week of each other.

Third: SO I'M PLEASE TO SAY... that I will be blogging EVERY DAY for ONE WEEK during the THIRD week of August! They will be more random posts, and not alllll necessarily about books. Evil plans are in motions. MUWAHAHA. I might talk about Top Ten of this or Top 5 of this... I dunno :P (I originally wanted to call this Auglist but um yeah it might not all be all LISTS so... plus it was kinda lame)

Fourth: Lately I've been deciding whether or not I've been wanting to do book haul photos and stuff. I have done it once, but I feel like it wasn't very me... HOWEVER, if you guys are really interested, I'd be really happy to do book haul posts, although I think I would primarily keep the small-ish hauls only on tumblr and the bigger ones here.

(Who knows maybe I'll do shelfies one day :P)

ALRIGHT well that's all for today. I'm sorry for not posting as I said I would, but I'm trying. :) Seriously guys just friend me on Goodreads. You'll never miss a beat. Lots more swearing too.


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