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Blog Tour: The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer by Laxmi Hariharan (Review + Giveaway!)


Book: The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer
Author: Laxmi Hariharan
Rating: 4.25/5 stars - a suspenseful thriller but needs some backstory

A girl desperate to rescue her best friend.
A cop willing to do anything to save the city he serves.
A delusional doctor bent on Bombay’s annihilation.

When Ruby Iyer’s best friend is kidnapped by the despotic Dr Kamini Braganza, she will do anything to rescue him. Anything, including taking the help of the unpleasant Vikram Roy, a cop on a mission to save Bombay.

The city needs all the help it can get, and these two are the only thing standing between Bombay and its complete annihilation by Doctor Braganza’s teen army.

As Bombay falls apart around them, will Ruby be able to save her friend and the city? Will she finally discover her place in a city where she has never managed to fit in? And what about her growing feelings for Vikram?

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*Much thanks for Laxmi and her publicist Ally for sending me a copy of the novel so I can participate in this blog tour. Apologies for the post being a bit late as I had technical difficulties.

I had not previously read of Laxmi's novels, but The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer was quite exciting.

I would've gotten to this novel sooner had it not been something called finals, but when I finally found like to sit down and enjoy this novel, I finished it in one sitting. Laxmi has such wonderful control on the tension and the plotline of this story. It's tense in all the right places, and nothing too revealing is given away which keeps the plot fast paced and leaving you to want more.

Our main character Ruby Iyer is a likeable protagonist who we can sympathize and understand through the story. There are hints to her childhood that give us an idea to why she is who she is today, and it shows why she has such loyalty to her best friend because of her own past. Also. BAD. ASS. Can I please have her fighting skills. PLLLLLEASE?

My own issue was the book was I felt like it needed a bit more to it. I wanted more on Ruby's childhood and backstory, as well as more on the other characters, especially her best friend Pankaj. He's an equally interesting character and there were more things I wanted to know about him! Perhaps they will be explained in the second novel... (BUT I WANT IT NOW).

While the romance was not what I was particularly interested in throughout the story, it certainly didn't take away from the story. So don't worry if you're concerned that it becomes the main issue of the story!

There were so many elements to the story that I did wanted to get some more information on. No spoilers, but I wanted to know why certain things were the way they were or a little more on why this happen the way it did. Whether or not it was because we needed to wait until the second book, I don't know, but I would've like a little extra background to go with everything.

All in all, The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer was an riveting and action packed novel. I'm dying looking forward to the next novel, and perhaps try out Laxmi's other novels.

About the Author

Laxmi Hariharan

A near life experience told Laxmi Hariharan to write. She never stopped.

Laxmi is the creator of Ruby Iyer, and the Amazon bestselling, eLit Gold winner The Destiny of Shaitan (Bombay Chronicles, 1). She has been a journalist and a global marketer with NBCU and MTV. Laxmi also blogs for Huffington Post, among others.

London is where she writes. Bombay is what fires her imagination.

Reach her @laxmi or at


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