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2014 Wrap-Up: The End (Blog-A-Thon Day 1)

This is a celebratory post to the series that have ended this year and a wrap up of my thoughts to all of them because I suck at writing reviews for all of them.  I didn't manage to catch the end of EVERY series of 2014 (cause girl can only read so many of them) but these are the ones I finished.

*This post only applies to series that ended in 2014. I might have read some series late and didn't finish them in time. I'M SORRY TO THOSE ONES IF I REALLY LOVED YOU I PROBABLY TRIED TO WRITE A REVIEW TO YOU GUYS OR ACTUALLY WROTE ONE

**Also I don't count novels that are companion novels to each other as a series (like Anna and the French Kiss, Lola the Boy Next Door, and Isla and the Happily Ever After) but it doesn't mean I don't love them.


Article 5

Series review found here.

Oh jeez I forgot about this series haha. I read Article 5 in my fetus dystopian rage trend years and I blew through SO many dystopians and Article 5 certainly did not escape me with it's haunting and gorgeous covers. I loved it at the time while my more rational friend Summer (who some of you may remember from that one cameo review she wanted to do on the blog) thought that the characters lack dimension. Obviously me being me, I shrugged it off. By the time Breaking Point came out, I had calm down a little on the dystopians and gotten a better grasp of what my standards are of a series.

 It's a very simple classic dystopian stories without too many crazy twists, really focusing on the main idea of what a dystopian novel is, but that also comes with a con of it not having something extra unique to its world setting.

Shatter Me

Series review found here.

Chapter 55. :3

Under the Never Sky

Series review found here.

I have such fond memories of this series. It certainly is not the most well written or thrilling dystopian series out there but Veronica Rossi does it right with her well rounded characters with relationships that you can't help but feel for, and simple basic premise that doesn't overly complicate everything. It's clean, thorough, and angst free, making it an easy feel good series for the dystopian fan.

(Also the covers and the titles!!)

Blood of Eden

Series review can be found here.

I hope by now you guys know how much I love Julie Kagawa because holy cow can that lady write. I love her Blood of Eden series way more than her Iron Fey series and the fangirling was REAL. #thestruggle
 SHE LITERALLY SPARES NO FEELS. A cruel cruel writer (for fangirls) and so good at GOOD cliffhangers. (*cough The Eternity Cure) Just a wild ride. I just finished her new book on her new dragons series and I want to just take my feels and strangle Julie Kagawa with it because ASDFGHJKL. Highly recommend this one.

The Mortal Instruments

Review for City of Heavenly Fire here.

The fact this has ended is like mind blowing to me. LIKE IT ENDED. IT ACTUALLY ENDED. It's been so long and such a great ride and just. Ah. There's a lot I want to say but the one thing I can really say about this novel is nostalgia. I started the series just before finishing elementary school and I've been looking forward to a new TMI book every other year (as TID crossed in inbetween) and now it's just.  Over. There's a lot to love about it but it's also not everyone's cup of tea. Obviously I was a MAJOR fangirl at the start and now while I still love the series, it's no longer my obsession, but I'm still so glad that I read this because it lead me to The Infernal Devices which is one of my favourite series EVER.

The Syrena Legacy

Series review can be found here.

This series is a roller coaster. It literally threatens to kill me with everything it throws me with. I'm not a huge fan of mermaid novels, but by far this is my favourite series for mermaids. Now this series isn't without it's flaws, completely suffering from the second book curse, but there's something about the setting and the characters that just almost makes up for all of it.

Mythos Academy

Series review can be found here.

Oh gosh another long time series come to an end. I started Mythos when Kiss of Frost had came out so I think I've been following this series for.. two years?  While there are definitely rocky moments in this series and it could've been shorter, it is a great norse mythology series and I definitely really enjoyed it.

Also Known As

I love this series. It's adorable and quirky and brings back those early Gallagher Girls' series feels. The characters are loveable and endearing and the plot is well paced and mixed perfectly with serious espionage and funny moments. Recommended if you're a fan of Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series or Heist Society series.


I won't lie, I started this series purely because Everneath was a gorgeous cover.
But it turned out to be a pretty good series. Nothing shocking or amazing, but it held its own. I enjoyed it for what is was, but it's nothing mindblowing. Good characters, plot and premise. Simple, cohesive and thorough. I will say though the covers are amazing.

The Steampunk Chronicles

I meant to do a series review on this but never got around to it. I haven't read a great deal of steampunk but of what I've read, I like this series quite a lot. It starts off very strong with The Girl in the Steel Corset, and though it takes a bit of a div around the third book of the series, the fourth one wraps up everything in a very satisfying conclusion- although I will say the fourth one shifted focus of the main characters a bit.

The Grisha Trilogy

Series review found here.

This series is fantastic. It's high fantasy that's dark, edgy and sexy in all the right ways and has a fantastic premise and set up. Leigh Bardugo does not disappoint when it comes to writing, and a strong heroine who has flaws. And let me tell you, a villain to die for. Fantasy done right.

The Lux Series

(I refuse to acknowledge the cover change of the fifth book. No. No. IT DOESN'T MATCH THE REST OF MY BOOKS ASDFGHJKL)

Oh gosh another Jennifer Armentrout series. She sure knows how to write paranormal romance. (or sci-fi in this case) I adored this series in the beginning. The beginning is the strongest of the series, as it is for most of Jennifer's series as I found. I didn't particularly love Origin or Opposition but it wrapped up the series. If anyone's who's looking for a snarky steamy series that pushes the boundaries of YA a little... wellllll :))

The Heroes of Olympus

Series review here.

And what are the chances we'll get more Percebeth???!!!!

(Honestly if you haven't read Percy Jackson... REALLY!! Even I did it okay I like procrastinated on this series until The House of Hades)

The Darkest Minds

I literally just finished this a while back. ALEXANDRA BRACKEN. WHY. WHY DO YOU LIKE TO TORTURE US. HUH. DO OUR HEARTS NOT MATTER??!!
That aside, this series has such a cool premise, well written, AND UNBELIEVABLY GOOD CHARACTERS. Honestly you get so attached to them. I had a few issues with pacing, feeling like it dragged a little in the middle, but the characters are so worth it. The last book was a good conclusion but I wanted a little more out of it.


DAY 1 OVER. Oh my gosh I forgot how much work these are with the picture formatting *drowns in self-pity for sucking at technology

Thanks if you made it to the end of such a long post!
Tomorrow will be my monthly post, and then two more days of Blog-A-Thon. WHEEEE.


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