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Series Review: Mythos Academy by Jennifer Estep

Series: Mythos Academy
Author: Jennifer Estep
Books: Touch of Frost, Kiss of Frost, Dark Frost, Crimson Frost, Midnight Frost, Killer Frost
Series' Rating: 3.75/5 stars- worth going through if you are a urban fantasy/mythology fan
Book #1's Rating: 5/5 stars- wtf man I am so in love with this!
Book #2's Rating: 5/5 stars- I hunger for the next book
Book #3's Rating: 4.5/5 stars- balancing between a 5 and 4... somewhat rushed and strained
Book #4's Rating: 5/5 stars- WHY DO YOU DO THIS SUDDENLY
Book #5's Rating: 4.5/5 stars- this series is starting to be dragged out far too long
Book #6's Rating: 5/5 stars- impressive wrap up and conclusion
Synopsis for Touch of Frost (as found on Goodreads):

My name is Gwen Frost, and I go to Mythos Academy; a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off somebody's head with a sword and Logan Quinn, the hottest Spartan guy in school, also happens to be the deadliest. But lately, things have been weird, even for Mythos. First, mean girl Jasmine Ashton was murdered in the Library of Antiquities. Then, someone stole the Bowl of Tears, a magical artifact that can be used to bring about the second Chaos War. You know, death, destruction and lots of other bad, bad things. Freaky stuff like this goes on all the time at Mythos, but I'm determined to find out who killed Jasmine and why; especially since I should have been the one who died...


*Some clarification on the rating: as the series stretched over quite a bit of time, I rated each book as I went so most of the ratings are pretty high. However, as a series altogether, I would consider it a little lower. I'll explain why further in the review, but yeah my numbers are a little crazy.

I tried with the covers guys. Really. But formatting is not my thing. -.-

Mythos Academy is a weird series to review. Just because it's spanned over a quite a bit of time and I've read it as the series was being written. I started Touch of Frost and Kiss of Frost back when I wasn't as experienced with YA and I was at the tender age of "freshman" years. (I'm Canadian... I have no idea why I used freshman years as an example. Let's roll with it.)

I have fond memories of it, but looking back at the books, I don't think I would've been as fond of it if I read the series now. I would say the series is very rocky at the beginning, the characters don't come off the most original, the relationships are weird and it's filled with cliches, and ridiculous high school drama, etc. (*that is a whole another talk that I will not get into)

Am I ashamed to admit I was totally biased? A little. But I'm showing that rating because that was what I thought. To me at that moment, how much I enjoyed the book completely outweighed the execution and mistakes in the book. And to me that is what is most important- the fact that you enjoyed the book, not picking it apart because "oh she's so stupid yada yada" or "OMG he's a cliche she's a cliche the author used this trope" whatever. Those things are important but it's you in the end that is what matters.

And if I didn't read books because "I hate anything sexist, representing females in the wrong light, etc." girl, sadly I would have... little next to nothing to read. (*which again is a whole another rant about more things that I feel very strongly about that I will not get into)

But I came to my senses around the fifth book. At this point, I think it was almost 2 years since I started the series. The rational side of me finally kicked myself and said "look it's being too long and blah and blah and UNNECESSARY SHIT." And when I reached the end I was like "WAIT HOW THE FLIPPITY FLIP WILL IT END THIS MOVED THE PLOT BY ABOUT 0.1%"

 photo giphy7_zps96b2a442.gif

Needless to say, I walked in the sixth book with lowered expectations...
and maybe it was because of those expectations but holy crap. It reminded me why I continued with the series in the first place.

Like holy shit I thought the sixth book was going to just be a bunch of deus ex machinas for the sake of the series ending and like it wasn't somehow a bunch of maybe irrelevant clues came together and everything just happened and it worked without a bunch of crazy plot holes and it was exciting and it was tense and Gwen was actually badass ohmygosh.

And I was just screaming NO at my mom even thought we needed to go to the vet for my dog and I was like DON'T MAKE ME LEAVE MY BOOK 

It just worked. The entire plot came together and.. worked.

*brain explosion

I think if you read the first and second book and you liked them and you have the heart to go through another 3 that aren't as plot heavy for the FINAAALE and if you really love mythology based novels, I really think you should stick through this series. It is quite good once you can look aside a couple things.

(P.S. I didn't do a fangirl reaction because I couldn't reaallly remember some of them. heh. but you can tell at certain parts there was fangirling. LIKE THE GODDAMN ENDING FOR THE FOURTH BOOK OMG WHY)


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