Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thoughts: "Never Ending Series" (Day #5 of Summer Blog Craze)

So today I wanted to just justify my thoughts through words on a screen. If that made sense.

*Warning: this is another personal opinion fest. If you think you're just going to be offend by what I say ... too bad?

Okay first of all I want to clarify on my definition(s) of "Never Ending Series".

I consider it as two subcategories:

a) The Never Ending Series of Novels
noun; singular. a series where there are way too many fucking books in one series about the main character(s).
e.g. Pretty Little Liars, Morganville Vampires, etc.

b) The Never Ending Series of the Same World
noun; plural. a series of series that are set in the same realm or world. Series are often spinoffs of each other, where each series focuses on a different main character(s). Can be set in different time periods.
e.g. Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter Chronicles, Tamora Pierce's Tortall Chronicles

My feelings on both:

a) I am so done with you all.
b) It's either a yay or nay.

Look, whether we like it or not, there's always going to be someone criticizing an author writing too many books on something as a way to milk a franchise, whether that is true or not. I will say I'm equally guilty. I'm human, I react in the way every other person will. If I dislike something, of course I'd be more judgement, and more loose with the things I like.

Personally, I am so fed up with the first example. I get it, every fan wants more episodes of TV show, or more books, YES. I UNDERSTAND. But at some point, there needs to be an end. IT SUCKS. I get it. I didn't want Harry Potter to end, but would it make sense to continue? And that's my problem- if you're going to start making up random stuff to hash out a series to a unnecessary length. A reasonable extension, fine. But at some point, enough is enough. I don't even care about the money aspect. What I care is that by writing random irrelevant issues completely destroys the integrity and how a series is woven together.

I'm not saying I'm against expansions. (Look at The Mortal Instruments as an example) But the ones I see tends to be wildly spinning out of control and just not well written at all. I love if something gets an expansion but I don't want that expansion to be the thing to bring down the series.

However, spin off series I think have a little more room to play with and possibly expand. As long as it's not the same characters, using the same world and principles in another time period or place or whatever seems reasonable to me. I think those ones really depend on a) the author and b) the actual spin off series. If the series sucks... well shit. Is it because the author was trying to cling on the train of fame? I don't know and I don't particularly care. I critique the work, the intentions and goals of what that novel was trying to achieve. In my opinion spin off series are the bomb. It's a great way to experience something new in familiar place, and see old faces with new. (Granted if the series, is actually good.)

If your argument is because "omg can this author stop using this same like idea and place and like race/species" it's really lame of an excuse, because basically everyone who's writing contemporary are "milking it" then because they're using humans as their species and the earth as a setting.

Just saying.

 photo tumblr_lohwfooahu1qigl62o1_500_zps083b9ffb.gif

Honestly the people who judge a book because it's a spin off from something before they see the premise kind of piss me off.

I guess that's kinda it. I just wanted to let this out because I had been "inspired" when my review that I wrote on Goodreads for Lady Midnight (The third series Cassandra Clare is writing in the Shadowhunter world) started picking up... And no guys, I'm not bragging about that review. I'm actually a little ashamed of it, and to be honest, I cringe a little every time I get a notification on it. I wrote at a younger age, at a time where I don't think I understood everything as well. I haven't taken it down (believe me, I've debated) because I'm proud of where I am now, compared to then. So I made mistakes, and I'm going to live with them and not hide by deleting them. I'll have the review linked up there if you're really curious. (but it's not relevant really)

That's the end of Day 5! If I offended anyone... (like the PLL fandom...) I'm sorry. But this is my opinion, and this is how I feel and I'm not going to change it, or admit that I'm "wrong". (I mean, factual things aside.) We're almost done this blog fest! AHHH. Love y'all!


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